The Big 10 Bow Kill

November 24, 2015 James Bucks

Special thank you Taylor for sharing this weeks story with us. With the help of her boyfriend Nick, she was able to take this beautiful Kentucky Pope and Young whitetail buck. I will let Taylor tell the story from here but I hope everyone is having as successful a whitetail season as our writers so far.

– James

October 10th 2015, in Central Kentucky. It was bow season and finally one of the first cooler evening of the year. After finally getting a day time picture of the “Big 10” the evening before my boyfriend Nick and I climbed into our stands and waited…. and waited…. and waited.

After hours of sitting in the woods we hadn’t laid our eyes on a single deer. Then about 20 mins before sunset all of a sudden we were surrounded. First just a doe then not long after two bucks walked into the food plot. There he was the “Big 10”! I was shaking, as he put his head down to eat I slowly stood up trying not to spook the other deer all around us.

Finally it was safe to draw back and let an arrow fly! It was a 15 yard shot and I was about 25 ft. up in a stand when I made the shot. When my arrow hit him I instantly knew I made a good shot! We waited about 30 min. then got down to look for him. Immediately we found blood and lots of it. Unfortunately it was getting dark and after 2 hours of looking we had no luck in finding him.

I was crushed. So first thing the next morning we got up at sunrise and went back to the last place we found blood. Laying in a thicket about 60 yards from where we gave up the night before there he laid! I ran to him, tears in my eyes I believe I was the happiest girl in the world at that time. The Big 10 officially scored 140 inches and I’m proud to say he is my first Pope & Young Bow Buck!

Taylor with her Pope and Young Trophy

Taylor with her Pope and Young Trophy


Great Brow Tines on this big 10 point.

Great Brow Tines on this big 10 point.

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