Nathan Schnitzler’s 8 Pointer

After not hunting for three years with a bow, I finally decided It was time again! I had been hunting since opening day of bow season, which was Oct 1. I have three kills at this point, prior to shooting my 8 pointer! It was about noon on this cold, windy day, I decided I was going to go out and sit in my stand early. I called my friend Dylon and said be at my house at 1:00 PM. Dylon had said to me, “You really want to go and sit that early”? I said “heck yes its the rut”!

So as I told him he was there on time! We worked our way out to our stands and I told him on the way, “I’ve been watching this nice 8 pointer, and tonight he is mine!” No one believed me! Like I said it was about 1:30 that after noon I was working my way out to my stand with about a half hour walk through the woods to my 17-foot ladderstand, which stands in the center of 5 fields that all funnel right at me! Behind me was a drag line with code blue Doe estrus on it!

I got to my stand and sat down. It was 2:08pm and I happened to just look behind me at the field, and funneling right to me was this perfect whitetail buck! I looked at my watch and it was only 2:13 pm. I grunted him in from 150 yards, It could not have been any more perfect. He come right to me 7 yards on a full run! He came to a stop and had no idea I was right there!

I pulled back but could not take the shot because he was facing me and a limb was in my way. I waited for what seemed like an hour for him to walk past the limb, which in all reality was only about 30-40 seconds! FINALLY he stepped out to 13 yards and stopped.

I took the shot and like ever hunter likes to see a clean pass through shot, he jumped and took off, I watched him cross this field about 100 yards and stop. He stumbled forward and I heard a crash! “Yes,” he’s down I thought to myself, but still wanted to give him some time.

I worked my way back to my truck and called a few of my buddies because I knew i was going to need help retrieving him! Five of us, after about two hours, worked our way to my stand and followed my blood trail and followed it some more and some more. I was worried at this time because it was getting dark and expecting some rain showers. Well it got dark, and we had tracked this buck about a mile or so and the blood stopped.

I was torn because I thought I had a great shot on him. We decided to back out and wait for morning. My mother-in-law told me that night she knew a guy who had a blood hound that was trained for tracking wounded deer! I called this guy and he met us out there at day break! Took him to the last known blood spot, and just a few hundred yards farther in a thick willow patch this buck of a lifetime laid. This blood hound took us right too him. I was so amazed by the work and nose on this wonderful dog! Here I am with a nice, mature 8 pointer hanging on my wall owed to this dog!

On Nov. 17 at 2:20pm, I took this mature whitetail buck.

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