Cathy Spencer’s 11-pointer

I took this buck while hunting a stand along Sugar Creek in Schuyler County, Illinois, on October 22, 2011.  He had 11 scorable points and field dressed 209 lbs.

As I arrived at my stand about 4 pm, my husband sent me a text that said they ran a big buck out of the field just north of me while picking corn.  He told me I needed to try and rattle and grunt a little because they thought he had bedded up in a brush pile several hundred yards north of me.

Just shortly before 5 pm, I had just put down the rattle bag and looked across the corn field and spotted a buck coming to the field.  Not sure how big he was, I picked up my binoculars and watched him jump the fence and work a scrap along the edge of the corn field.  I knew immediately that he was a shooter, so I grunted a few times to get his attention.

After just a few short grunts, he began closing the distance across the corn field. As he made his way across the field, I reached for my bow and got ready.  Then he stopped and started feeding in the corn.  I started getting nervous and thought he may not come in. He was still 125 yards away, so I grunted again. This time he was not stopping, it was like he was on a string. The only thing that stood between him and me was the creek, which was dry due to lack of rain. As he came to the creek, he stopped at the top of the bank for what seemed like forever looking around.  He was just 20 yards but was facing me.  I knew that I needed him to put his head down so I could get my bow drawn, better yet, I needed him to walk down the bank into the creek.

Finally, he started down the bank and I was able to draw my bow.  As he entered the creek he turned broadside at 10 yards.  I released the arrow and knew immediately it was a good shot.  I watched him run away back across the field and heard him crash into a brush pile.  He ran about 150 yards.  It was the buck they had ran out of the corn!

It was a great night in the stand as I had harvested my biggest buck ever!

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