Ed Smith’s 16-pointer

It’s been a while since I’ve written any articles. Besides teaching full time and extra-duty and raising my kids, I took up grad school two years ago. With all that and a new teaching assignment, I’ve had less time than ever for hunting.

Monday afternoon, however, I decided I was leaving school at the time allowed by our contract, (something I seldom do) so I could get into the woods.  I hustled to our farm and up the hill without stopping in to see my momma (which I usually do).

I headed to the southern end of the farm and judging the wind to be out of the west.  I had a scrape line in mind that I’ve hunter in years past.  Last Sunday morning I sat on it and, although I saw no deer, there were some mighty active scrapes!

I was up a wild cherry with my Lone Wolf climber by 4:15 and looking over a trail heading between two scrapes.  The trail was 30 yards west of me and one scrape at 60 yards to my southwest and the other was 40 yards to my northwest.

I saw only one deer, but what a deer! As 5 PM rolled past, I decided to hit the rattling bag and use a little grunting to stir things up. A short time later, I heard a slight commotion to my southwest and quickly spotted a deer way off nearly 100 yards through the timber heading my way.  It wasn’t long before I saw it was a buck and he was stopped and working over the scrape 60 yards to my southwest.  It was difficult to see just how big he was at this point through the leaves but I was pretty sure he was a shooter.

After 10 minutes or so, he started my way again and I turned on my bow mounted video camera. It wasn’t long and he was there … 35 yards and turning to broadside.  At about 33 yards and broadside, I already had my Hoyt Alphamax at full draw and let out soft “baaah” to stop him.  As he stopped, I released and watched the Luminock streak from my Rage tipped Axis 340 as it dissapeared into his chest.

The buck busted brush for less than 50 yards and I heard him pile up.  He ended up within 5 yards of the 4 wheeler trail!


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