Fall Hunt

I bleat, he stops, deep breath. Draw, anchor, settle the pin, release, and…wait, I should rewind a bit.

It was November 5th and I was hunting with my Dad for his birthday, an annual tradition . It had been almost 3 years since I last harvested an animal, but not for lack of trying, I assure you. All the usual suspects were there, my father Greg, Pierre and Roli. My Uncle Herb was unable to hunt, which meant I was going to be posted in his stand. Our twenty was a new farm just north of Erin, Ontario. The boys had done their homework, our stands had been hung, our trail camera`s were up and there was pleanty of deer sign.

We were set up an hour before sun-up and no sooner were we settled when Dad radio’d that he had deer movement in the woods. It was a long wait for shooting light but as soon as it was bright enough to see I ranged some markers around my stand to make sure I had my yardage right. Seconds later there is noise on the radio. It’s Dad. “Buck moving through the bush heading south, be ready”. I hear a noise. Tachycardic, I clumsily attach my release. The buck trots out from the woods about 100 yards in front of me. He came quartering towards me but I can see that he is going to turn and pass just beyond my 38 yard marker. I lean out and squat down under a branch in the tree.

I bleat, he stops, deep breath. Draw, anchor, settle the pin, release, and “whack!”

He turned to quarter towards me when when I stopped him. I settled just inside the front shoulder but he jumped the string when I shot. My arrow still found a lethal mark.  A little lucky but I’ve had my share of bad luck too. The deer ran about 80 yards through the bush, out the otherside and expired at the edge of the field. It was a quick and easy recovery.

My name is James and one of the co-founders of this site. My friend John is the brains behind this opperation and has done all the leg work to get this thing off the ground. We are both avid hunters and fisherman and wanted to create a site where hunters could share their stories. So please send us your story and we will publish them here to be shared with fellow enthusiats. We want to give everyone the chance to share their story about their own trophy. Think of this as the world’s largest hunt camp!

James' Deer
James’ Deer

James' sucessful hunt


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