Bryan Anderson’s tall tined 8

This buck was taken opening morning at 6:40 a.m. A doe and fawn had come by at just 15 yards right at legal shooting light and allowing them to pass proved to be an excellent choice, because just 15 minutes later the tall tined 8 pointer came following their trail.

We had several photos and video clips of the buck from our trail cams and had seen the animal only twice during daylight while bowhunting him over the last few weeks.

When he presented a broadside shot at just 38 yards … the T/C Encore Pro Hunter muzzleloader barked and the Buck was down in seconds! The beautiful, symetrical 4×4 has exceptional tine length with G2’s stretching the tape to 14” and looks to score into the 150’s. A fine Fulton county muzzleloader buck.

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