Possible world record bear killed in Pennsylvania

Monday, November 15, was a good day for David Price of Barrett Township, Pennsylvania. He was hunting north of Fernwood Resort in Pike County when he had the hunting encounter of a lifetime.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission his prize was an 875-pound (live weight) black bear that just missed the world record (weight) by four pounds. After a 60-day drying period it is expected the skull will give the current B&C world record of 23 inches a run for its money.

“This bear could be No.

1 in the world,” said PGC Information and Education Supervisor Tim Conway.

It took nine shots from three different hunters with both a crossbow and compound bow to bring down the bruin, which field dressed at 744 pounds.

The bear has a very interesting history. He was 17 years old and had been caught in New Jersey several times over the years and had a lip tattoo. Last year he had to be tranquilized by the NJDEP when he was trying to mate with a female bear caught in a snare. At that time he weighed 711 pounds. Obviously he was not afraid to cross the Delaware River.

Check out the next issue of Outdoors Magazine for the complete story of the hunt.

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