The ultimate scout

We started hunting a new spot this year. We had actually attained permission to hunt the location the previous year, but late in the season. We didn’t get a chance to hunt the spot until well after crop out and it was December before we got our first stand hung.
It is a small tract of land. And by small I mean really small, maybe an acre of bush and 20 of farmland. That year only we only saw a single deer. We had a good feeling about this spot as early season honey hole though. That next summer we worked hard, hanging stands, clearing shooting lanes, and of course looking collecting trail cam pictures.
Being our first full season hunting we really wanted to get an idea of what deer were using the area. So we setup our Moultrie trail cam and tossed out some corn once a month and started collecting Intel. We learned a lot! First of all, almost every deer we took photos of were bucks. We setup the cam during turkey season in May and did catch a shot of a doe until the end of July. We also noted that for a small run of land we had a variety of buck visiting the nearby watering hole. Interestingly most of these deer were one time visitors, a couple of beauties too.
We identified only two deer that stayed around the stand and showed up during hunting season. The mono antler buck featured below was actually shot nearly 10km away. That single mono antler on the left hand side score an incredible 84 inches non-typical! Even though we did not see most of these deer during the season and were not able to harvest a buck at this particular spot. We sure had a lot of fun bringing in our camera every month to see who was hanging around. Once you start using trail cams we promise you will never stop. Send us your trail cam pics for our upcoming trail cam wall!

Mono Antler Buck
8 Pointer
Young 6

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