Weekend Warriors

View from our deer stand.

I am writing this blog post for all of those fellow weekend warriors out there. I am a bow hunter at heart and live for the chase. I am sure the rest of the hunt blog pro staff will say the same. We have been at this for some time passing down knowledge to each new hunter joining our team. We are well versed in whitetail patterns, habits and the methods for hunting these elusive beasts. We understand importance of knowing bedding ares and escape routes. Hunt the wind, have concealed routes in and out of your stand etc…

That said when we wake up on Saturday morning to hit the woods for the first time in a month we don’t need to check the weather. We don’t care what direction the wind is coming from. Its pouring rain? Ok put on the water proof gear. Why? Because we have two stands on two small tracks of land so no matter what the conditions; we are hitting the field. We hunt a farm that has 20 acres with 1 acre of bush. The deer don’t bed there. In fact they don’t even feed there. It is more of an observation stand than anything else but we sit in it religiously none the less. Hoping that one deer may make a mistake and travel the wrong pathway between some of the surrounding farms. That and you don’t shoot many from the couch at home!

One of our site founders has been bow hunting for three years and is yet to shoot his bow. Now that is dedication! In the last 5 years I have had opportunities to shoot 3 times and would hate to count the number of hours I have spent in the stand. On this subject I can talk about quality deer management. I am all for QDMA as much as the next hunter but unfortunately us weekend warriors do not have many opportunities to harvest an animal so believe me not many deer walk by us!

As long as we have tags to burn and freezers to fill we will not be turning down many shots any time soon. So this is our salute to all those weekend warriors just like us. I have the up most respect for those guys who pass small bucks and work their tails off to shoot true monsters. I understand the commitment and work it takes to drop a true Booner. Check out the deer dropped by prostaff member Greg Mather. I watch that deer a long time in the making! This isn’t meant to be a sob story and we dont feel sorry for ourselves; it just is what it is. We will continue to do our thing and share the our love of the hunt with others! Maybe this will be the weekend. Will John fill his first bow tag? Will I shoot my biggest buck yet? Who knows. All we can do is pray to the hunting gods and hope.

Happy Hunting All!


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