Marta’s First With a Bow

Contributor: Marta
Prey: Deer
Takes Place: November 24, 2012
Location: Western Kansas
Years of Experience: 4

I sat in the trees all afternoon Saturday waiting for the buck that had been spotted in the same spot for the last few nights. Come sunset, nothing was happening so i crawled out of the makeshift blind I had made in a little grove of trees along the fence line. Just then, a car drove by and then I see the buck I had been waiting for pop up over the terrace and I immediately drop to my knees and knock an arrow. I’m getting ready for a running shot because from the way it looks, he is going to run right infront of me at maybe 15 yards. He gets closer and closer, and then he starts to turn it towards the trees, thats when I realize he is running right to where I am to bed down in the trees. He never saw me till about 5 yards where he paused for a moment and I took my shot. He ran about 45 feet before laying down and taking his last breath. I had gone out during rifle season for four years and harvested a deer each time. This was my second try at archery and what a thrill for my first kill using just a bow and arrow!

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