The Plan

With the 2012 whitetail season coming to a close I found myself sitting in the tree this morning remembering some of our most memorable hunts. One in particular always seems to stick out this time of year. I refer to it fondly as “The Plan”. I will take you back to December the 31st 2008. […]

Hogs in Texas

A great continuation from Kevin’s original story. For more information on the Catahoula breed Kevin suggests checking out: Dog History – Catahoula (From Wikidpedia). Thanks again for sharing Kevin! September 2012 We got a late start on this hunt it was 8 am before we finally got the dogs on the ground. I was huntin […]

The Pig Hunt

This post comes from a reader down in Texas telling us about the tradition of Wild Hog hunting. It is something I have never experienced myself but sounds like a very exciting adventure. Thanks for taking the time to share with our readers and we look forward to hearing more from Kevin! Name: Kevin Nevil […]