Hogs in Texas

A great continuation from Kevin’s original story. For more information on the Catahoula breed Kevin suggests checking out: Dog History – Catahoula (From Wikidpedia). Thanks again for sharing Kevin!

Kevins Catahoula Alice

September 2012 We got a late start on this hunt it was 8 am before we finally got the dogs on the ground. I was huntin with Jordan and Drew. It was Jordan’s spot, a cattle pasture that had some good wood edges and a bottoms area with a small seasonal creek. Jordan had his dogs, Tonka, Yoda and also his CD. Drew brought Buzz and Jules and I brought Jasper and my CD, Zeuse. Tonka was the lead dog on this hunt and he was doing a fine job. He was hunting hard, as were the rest of the dogs but it took us a while before we finally got some action. I guess about 10am or so Tonka struck a group of pigs and they broke in all different directions. He got one sow lined out and within about 10 seconds all the dogs were there and had her bayed. She wasnt very big but she was feisty and she had picked a good spot to make a stand. They were only about 150 yards into the bottoms so we were able to get there fairly quick. We let the CD’s go and they had the little sow locked down. The little sow had some nice teeth. Something you don’t see very often in a sow. Luckily, the dogs never received as much as a scratch. It was an interesting hunt and invaluable experience for a couple of young dogs.

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