The Plan

Nice doe taken with a bow. Last day of archery season

With the 2012 whitetail season coming to a close I found myself sitting in the tree this morning remembering some of our most memorable hunts. One in particular always seems to stick out this time of year. I refer to it fondly as “The Plan”.

I will take you back to December the 31st 2008. It was the last day of the bow season. We had a pretty good season so far. I had taken my first deer and my uncle Herb (Caledon Prostaff Member) had harvested a nice doe. We had been hunting a small back field that was mostly overgrown with the odd standing corn stalk. The field sat along a ridge with a deep ravine of the west side and a wood lot along the east edge.

We had hunted the spot the previous two mornings and each time jumped deer that were already in the field. For our last day of the season though we came up with a plan. And by we I mean prostaff member Greg Mather. We would leave 30 mins earlier than usual and drop Greg off 2 miles south of the field. We let him walk in early in the dark and setup at the south end in a small stand of trees. The other three of us would slide in from the north. The plan, if everything worked as we thought, was that if the deer were already in the field and we jumped them, they would head straight to where Greg was setup.

There was about a foot of snow on the ground when we set our plan into action. Greg was already at his post when the rest of us started our approach. Herb sat in the east wood lot and I was going to post up on the ravine with hopes of catching any deer trying to skirt past us through the cover of the ravine.

As had happened the previous two days we again jumped the deer in the field. This time however we were ready and they ran right out to Greg. Through the thick brush however and without time to range the deer he shot just over top of a nice doe. We weren’t discouraged however and took up our spots. About 30 mins after first light I caught the heart pounding glimpse of brown moving though white snow. 4 does were moving with a purpose through the ravine right towards me. It was a steep ridge and I knew I was looking at around a 40 yard shot. As the doe’s approached I decided I would take the mature lead animal. I settled the pin of my 140 lb diaco scorpion crossbow just on top of her back, accounting for the steep angle, and let my bolt fly. It hit its mark and down she went not 50 yrds from where I shot her.

But the story was not over. The other three does turned and ran up the ravine edge and now were centred directly between us. As we all know our foes are smart however and were going to try and slip out between Herb and Greg. Luckily Herb was a step ahead of them and knowing where they would cross the fence line, positioned himself for a shot. He too made a great shot on another nice doe with his excalibur crossbow. More meat for the freezer!

This was by far the most exciting hunt I have ever been a part of. We tell this story religiously every time we get together with like minded folk and when I someday tell it to my kids it will forever be known as “The Plan”. Greg’s hunting experience and careful planning truly paid off. Hopefully we will have a couple more stories still to share before this season is in the books!

Cheers and Hunt Safe

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