Horn Hunter Buck!

This great buck and story comes from one of our twitter followers Bryce. We saw pictures of his buck online and knew we had to get the story of this awesome animal!

A perfectly placed shot on a monster whitetail buck!
Bryce with his trophy buck!

Bryce was hunting on October 23 with his long time hunting partner Gary. On this particular hunt Gary had been kind enough to be the guy behind the camera to film the hunt. We all have to to respect hunting partners like that!

Bryce had a history with this buck and had seen him earlier in the season. His first encounter was on opening day of season and he subsequently went three weeks with no sight of him. If you hunt mature whitetail bucks you know this pain. It is often the excitement of that initial encounter though which keeps us coming back for more.

Bryce had some unfortunate weather which kept him out of the stand for 4 days when they finally caught a break. He called Gary and the hunt was on! A few hours later they were set up in a meticulously placed stand where they knew there was some monster buck activity. It wasn’t 30 minutes after sunrise when Bryce caught some movement quickly realized it was a shooter. He excitedly taped Gary to turn the camera on as the monster cruised their way.

At 40 yards the beast presented himself and Bryce made a great double lung shot with his Wildcat rifle. The carefully placed shot was deadly and the monster only travelled about 100 yards.

This buck is clearly a mature whitetail and field dressed at 205 lbs! He is a great trophy and won Bryce their local big Buck contest.

Thanks so much for sharing your story Bryce and we look forward to linking the video of this hunt soon. Be sure to follow Bryce on twitter @horn_hunter and check out some of the gear mentioned in this story at our pinterest site http://pinterest.com/thehuntblog/

Until next time happy and safe hunting and please share your story with us!

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