Boxing Day Buck

This story is about a great buck shot by Cody in Alabama. This is his biggest whitetail todate and we are certain he is going to be posting with many more monsters like this in the future. Thanks for sharing your story and this trophy whitetail with us and give Cody a follow on twitter @codywayne95 – Cheers the hunt blog team

Big whitetail down! Cody with his trophy

On the morning of December 26th 2012 I was sitting in one of our many shooting houses over looking a greenfield. Me and my stepfather Ben Boyett had decide to go to Fayette, Alabama to Briar Patch hunting with hopes of filling our whitetail tags with a couple of monster bucks.

The rut was on and the bucks were chasing does all over the property. There was lots of actrion and we were determined to take home something big.

Winds were gusty blowing 10 to 15 mph so we knew it would be tough to keep a mature buck from catching our scent.

Around 8 am I decided I had enough sitting and walked off into a pine thicket towards an old field.I knew the spot well and big bucks often used the field as a staging area. While approaching my chair to sit I happened to glance down a drop off into the old field. It was then that I caught a glimpse of a big bodied deer and half its rack.

I had little time to think. I shouldered my 30-06 Savage Axis and settled in for a shot. I took aim a little behind the front shoulder and focused on slowing my breathing. At this time he was around 50 or 60 yards from me. I squeezed the trigger and sent off a round sailing towards its mark.After watching the shot connect I slid down the hill and watched the magnificent animal exprire a mere 15 yards from were I shot him.

As soon as I was sure he was dead I started the 300 to 400 yard drag back uphill to our truck. My stepfather came out of the woods after I had dragged the buck back to the truck. He asked if it would not have been much easier if I would have just took the truck to him. In my defence it was my first good sized buck and there was no way I was letting anything happen to him!

While at the processor/deer taxidermist the man showed us that the 2 1/2 year old buck was not getting enough protein due to his 2 inch over bite. He said it was the worst he had seen this hunting season. This was something because he has just about everyone in the Guin,Winfield, Fayette, and Lamar county’s business. I decided not to have him mounted but instead I settled on having the horns buck- stumped. Fortunately another member of our hunting group who was with us along with his kids was able to do the buck-stump for me.

Great shot Cody and again a beautiful buck

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