‘Too Big’ Buck!

This is a great story from a fellow Canuck. This is a monster Alberta whitetail that grossed 164 4/8” and even better Braden has some great trail camera photos to go with his trophy. We look forward to more Big Buck stories from Braden in the future and encourage our readers to give him a follow on twitter @Bmhunt98Braden

Trail Camera shot of this monster whitetail.

The chase all started on August the 12th, the first time we got pictures of this buck. He was coming out to a hay field every few days to feed. Then about August 20th we had lost the buck from the trail cameras because the hay had got swathed and bailed. With the start of the archery season September the 1st the buck had all but disappeared.

We had very little time to locate the buck but putting up 3 trial cameras I had found him a half a mile away. On this hill top with a solid bush all the way around it. Our excitement was reignited… he was found. After careful examination of the all the trail camera photos of the buck we soon found out that I have his matching set of sheds from two years before.

It was now August the 24th and with his new stomping grounds it became clear that there was no place to put a tree stand. Improvising, we setup a ground blind where the buck was being seen. Putting In the ground blind backfired however making him move out of the area. He was MIA once again.

The search was on again and it was only two days before archery season. We found him again a mile away in a big bush with canola planted all around it. Going into archery season not knowing where he was going to settle made it difficult to make plans for harvesting the deer.

On the 6th of September we started to get pictures of the buck near the ground blind again. He was coming out about ten minutes before legal light. We also found that he began losing his velvet on the 8th to the 10th. I sat the ground blind as many nights as I could until about the 14th of September but no sightings of the buck. We continued to get pictures of him almost every day which maintained our confidence.

Then the 26th of September rolled around and I finally got a good night to sit in the ground blind. It was a cold night waiting and I only saw two does and a small buck pass by. Then about ten minutes before legal light he showed up walking down the trail to within 10 yards of my blind. He came broadside, I drew back my bow and put the pin right behind his shoulder and released the arrow thinking it was a hit for sure. So leaving him the night we came back out in the morning and found no blood, nothing. But only at 10 yards how could you miss?

But after A week of searching high and low there was no sign. I started looking for him again with five trail cameras out on about 700 acres of bush and cropped fields but there was no sign him. The month of October brought no sights or sign of the giant. Then into November nothing, still searching for the buck. At this point we had a buck name for him already,Too Bigg. But even having a name wasn’t good enough to find him.

We hunted every day of November every morning and night with no sign of this buck and hope was fading. It was November 30th the last day of rifle season. That morning there were no sightings but we weren’t ready to give up. For the last night we decided to go back out to this willow slough known to hold lots of deer. They were coming in there because the farmer had left some canola along the slough.

We found him there with a doe feeding in the uncut canola. Ten minutes before legal light ended we made a stalk on him. At about a 180 yards away we had made a quick movement making the buck nervous so he stood up out of his bed. We new it was him so with no hesitation I shot. He ran hard and fast away at a full trot back to the fence line about 300 yards away. Leaving him for an hour we came back and found him stone dead in the fence line!! A perfect shot lung shot with my Winchester 270 and 130 grain sirocco bullets.

Braden with his trophy

We where in amazement that I was actually holding him and we had actually found him after he had been such a ghost. Luck was with us to see that buck and Too Bigg was down! We where all shocked that it had happened. After a lot or hard work and hundred hours searching for this buck I did it. And on the last day of rifle season to boot! The buck ended up scoring 164 4/8″ gross using the Boone and Crockett scoring system. What a great way to end the 2012 season!

Another picture with the deer’s previous sheds

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