Monster Hog

This is another great story from one of regular contributors. We mentioned Kevin in our year in review and he continues to keep us entertained with some exciting hog hunts from Texas. Thanks Kevin, this is an awesome hog and a great story!

We pulled into the property about 3:00 or so and drove to the back corner where we usually get a lot of action. We collared and vested the dogs and let ’em run. Jordan had his Yoda dog and a couple of Yellow Brindle gyps. Drew brought his Buzz and Jules Catahoulas and I had my Yella dog Jasper and my Catahoula cross gyp Alice. The dogs got their boxed up energy out and settled into a good hunting rhythm.

About 20 minutes into the hunt they all lit out down the creek…the Garmin showed them out about 250 yards. They stayed gone a bit but never struck. They eventually started returning a couple at a time. Jasper was the last to come back…he was really trying to work a track out. We decided to work them back to the area they just came from…it really interested them and we wanted to give them another shot at it.

Well we got within about 50 yards of the area and they all took off across the creek. Thirty seconds latter my Jasper dog struck and we immediately had a full bay. The bay only lasted about 10 seconds and the hog broke. We heard the hog coming and it crossed the creek about 40 yards in front of us. It was a good pig..solid black with a long snout…a real rooter.

Well…the yella brindle gyps were about 20 yards behind it, my Alice gyp was about 5 yards behind them and Jasper and Buzz were about 10 yards behind her. The hog didn’t make it to far once she crossed the creek. The girls stopped her and when the boys caught up it was a caught hog…no bulldogs needed on this one. It was a good hunt for some young pups. Nothing like seeing the young ones get it done.

Great looking Texas hog!
Great looking Texas hog!

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