Big Rack Mack

Contributor: Heather
Prey: White tail
Date: Nov 11th 2012
Location: our 80 acres
Years of Experience: 1


I bought my bow, Mission Craze, in Sept of ’11. I had my Wi deer permit but stayed in MN a lot. I only hunted about 6 times in 2011. . . No prize.

In 2012, we moved to 80 acres of pine..deer haven! We seen sooo many deer. But, “Big Rack Mack” was out there..the guy we all hoped to get a shot at. We caught him on trail cam in ’11 and in velvet in ’12.

It was a cold, windy, misty Wisconsin morning! I got to my platform stand before light. I waited until light to start calling. I heard rustling behind me. I snort wheezed. I was quite aggressive with calling. All of a sudden, approx 80-100 yrds out a nice looking buck ran full speed past me. I got a little more agressive with snort wheezing. He came out from behind one pine and walked behind anotherabout 20 yrds out. I stood up and got ready..snort wheezed again. Out he came at approx 15 yrds..right towards me. He turned, took a few more steps, stopped…I poked him at 13 yrds!! MY FIRST DEER EVER!

“Big Rack Mack”! 9 points..148⅞, 195# dressed! Amazing!! After I shot him, I looked down the trail to the left to see if he would cross..out comes a 6 pointer! I stood up and back, called my boyfriend and looked came an 8 pointer from the right! Such a rush!!

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