Fuse Realtree Phone Cover – Gear Review

For many hunters, especially the younger generation, social media is becoming a juggernaut in the hunting industry. We use it to share our photos, stay in contact with our hunting buddies and it is an endless resource of hunting knowledge.

Like it or not, our phones have become a part of nearly every hunters tool kit. Weather you are an everyday American/Canadian who hits the woods when you find a spare moment; A hunting industry giant trying to promote your craft or anything in between.

At the hunt blog we use our phones almost every time we hit the field. They are our gps, our photo journal, our time killer, our link to families at home, our communication to hunting partners in the field. For myself and our pro-staff our phones are indispensable. We are constantly keeping our social media sites updated and we keep notes of new story ideas which come to fruition while we are perched high in a tree-stand or at the bow of a boat. We also always make time for poking a little fun at one and other in the field.

Like all of our equipment that gets heavily used our phones take a beating. I think we can all say that on at least one occasion our phone has taken a tumble from a tree-stand or down a creek bank. My phone has been covered by mud, scent blocker, deer estrus and various other byproducts of successful outings in the field.

Because of how hard we work our gear you can bet when we were approached by fuse phone products to test out a phone protection cover we were excited!

These guys have been awesome to work with and put out a great product. Even better they have the rights to dress their phone covers in your favorite realtree or mossy oak camo pattern. Their website is easy to use and does a great job showing off their product line.

Fuse Realtree APG – CLICK HERE

The product I tested was for my Samsung galaxy 3 phone. The shipping was quick and arrived safely within 24 hours. The packaging was professional and well made. The realtree apg pattern was well fitted to the case and looked sharp. I sat with several of our pro-staff this weekend sharing turkey hunting stories and everyone wanted to know how to get one for their phone. And believe me these aren’t the kind of guys who like to “accessorize” their tools but the camo was right up their ally.

Fuse Realtree Phone Cover

As for the functionality of the cover, it is well made and machined to fit my device quite well. I worked for 3 days chasing gobblers in the bush and put it through a solid 9-5 around the farm. It preformed well and provides a good amount of protection (watch for my up coming turkey hunting post and you will see what I mean haha). Functionally it works well, in fact I’m typing this post with it on my phone right now. My only quarrel is that the protective lip provides a very mild interference with a select button at the base of my device. The cost of a small amount of interference however is well worth the extra protection and not something I would do away with.

In short this is great product with a touch of twang! At the construction site, in the field or on a patio this is a great accessory and I encourage people to check out their site and have a gander at all their products

Fuse Phone Accessories – CLICK HERE

Hope you are all enjoying your turkey seasons and staying safe. And remember to send us your turkey stories!

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