Tree Stand Safety

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When you are setting up your tree stand you need to consider several safety points. Not to mention you definitely do not want to be afraid of heights since on an average tree stands are set 20 feet off of the ground.

Make sure when you are using your tree stand the sun is not going to be in your face. This is important because deer do not like the sun in their face either. Not only will you be blinded by the sun you will have a difficult time getting positioned for an ethical shot at your deer.

Use a full body safety harness at all times. Using a safety harness will ensure you do not fall out of the tree stand before or after you take your shot. Not only will a safety strap save you from falling 20 feet to the ground, it can even enable you to take a shot that you normally would not be able to take. And at the end of the day the most important thing is that we return safely to our families.

Taking the time to make sure you have prepared the ground area under your tree stand is also crucial to any set-up. This means the week before you have cleared out all of the limbs and sticks that may be sticking up so in case you do fall you do not get impaled. That would definitely ruin a good hunting day.

Always check stability of tree stands left up year round!
Tree stand safety has come a long way!

Use enough tree steps so that you can scale your tree safely and quietly. Deer have a great sense of hearing as well as a great sense of smell. Pre-check your steps if you keep your tree stand up all year long. When climbing up to your tree stand make sure you use the 3-point system: two hands and one foot in contact with your ladder at all times.

Always be prepared for changes in weather. Lightning can be deadly especially when you are sitting in a tree stand. You may want to consider bringing a back up blind to hunt with just in case the weather changes.

Be sure to always use a haul line to raise and lower your rifle and other equipment you will be using in your tree stand. Never sling your rifle on your back during the climbing process as accidents do happen and if you slip and fall you just may have a really bad day. Safety first!

When climbing to your tree stand always make sure you climb just past the height of your seat. Then test the security of the seat by stepping on it and get your balance.

Make sure you tell someone where you will be hunting and when you will be back. This way, in case there is an emergency, your friends and family can come looking for you.

Carry an emergency kit complete with knife, cell phone, flashlight and even a whistle. If you are hunting with friends they will hear the whistle in the event you fall from your tree stand or are dangling from your safety harness and can’t get back on to your tree.

For more information on tree stand safety visit tree stand technical resource library.

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