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I put my daughter to bed and climbed in beside my wife and dog tonight and decided I would give a story recently submitted a read. It was sent to us by Joe Wheeler and is a story about his sons first deer. As I read it, baby monitor in stow and dog snuggled in, I couldn’t help but be taken back to my first deer. This is an awesome story of a father and son and a wonderful example about what hunting, neh the outdoor life, is all about. I challenge anyone to read this story and not to be taken back to your first hunt. Thanks for sharing Joe. Happy hunting and best of luck this fall.

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My son Chaise has been hunting with me since he was about 3 years old. Our early hunts consisted of him mostly playing around and not being still but I enjoyed being out in the woods with him on our family land in Lamar County, Alabama.

As he started getting older and able to shoot and sit still we found that predator hunting was more suitable for a kid since it was usually more action packed. He killed a nice grey fox a few years back and then another and earned the nickname of Fox Man.

Fast forward to 2010 and Chaise (Fox Man) is old enough now that we really wanted to make a go at trying to get him his first deer. He started out using a Lever gun in .357mag. Something that packed enough punch to take down a deer but not beat his shoulder off. That first year of deer hunting in 2010 we seen several nice does but as we tried to get the “perfect” shot they would always spook and run away.

That happened at least 3 times. One time we were even leaving the stand and while walking through the woods came nearly face to face with a big doe. He was standing behind me while she looked right into our eyes. He wanted to shoot but he was standing behind me so he could not. We tried to have him move in front of me to get a shot but right as he shouldered the gun she ran away.

2011 proved to be a bad year for us. It was a really warm winter and the deer were just not moving while we were in the woods. We only had a limited number of hunts that year. Think we only saw 3 deer all season.

Now my son is 11 years old and the day is December 15, 2012 and it is the first time we have been able to slip away to our family land in Alabama. I decided to let my son use his new 20g with some buckshot for this season. Only problem was we forgot his shells. My dad was nice enough to lend him an old crack barrel 12g with some buckshot.

Our stand stays in the woods and we had to go to it having not laid eyes on it since February of 2012. We arrived the night before and had to walk to our stand with flashlights. Luckily the stand was still in good shape and ready to go. We sat down for our first hunt of the season. It proved to be an uneventful hunt. We climbed down and did a little ground hunting and some scouting to see how much the woods had changed since last time we were there. It felt so good to be back in the woods. The sounds of mother nature all around us was a feeling that both my son and I really enjoy.

We left the woods and went back to the house for some breakfast/lunch and hung out with some family till about 2:30pm. It was a very cold day and there was a good wind swirling around the holler that we were hunting. We waited for a while, my son even catching a nap or two. My son was a little nervous about shooting the old crack barrel with the 00 Buck but I assured him that if a deer was on the other end he would not feel a thing.

All of the sudden a little before dark I noticed some movement about 30-40 yards away. I nudged my son and let him know that I seen a deer ahead. When it lifted its head we noticed that it was a rather large buck. I told him that when he stepped out from behind the trees to take his shot. Well, when the deer stepped out he was looking right up at us and facing us. I said to my son, “bust him”. Next thing I heard was the shot. He shot him right in his chest and the buck fell straight to the ground.

Chaise with his trophy
Chaise with his trophy

My son had just taken his first deer, a large 6 point. He was so excited and kept saying that he dropped him straight in his tracks. The excitement that I felt for him trumped any excitement that I ever felt harvesting my own deer. He had done it. 3 years of deer hunting had finally paid off and my son had not only killed his first deer but a deer that was worthy of getting mounted. I can’t begin to explain the feeling that we shared that day in the woods together. It was a feeling that neither of us will ever forget. I will always remember what I was doing on December 15, 2012.

A true trophy whitetail. Congrats Chaise
A true trophy whitetail. Congrats Chaise

What an awesome story! Joe also has a video documenting the hunt at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI-QUzp8EnM&feature=youtu.be check out the video and excitement on Chaise’s face. Good luck in 2013 guys!

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