Early Season Bow Hunt Success

I have talked about this before but when we first came up with the idea for the site 4 years ago we had a plan for how we were going to grow our audience and establish our products. Our goal for year 4 was to begin to produce some video footage. So armed with a couple Go-Pro cameras and a cannon HD video camera we have begun filming. We hope to get some good practice with the audio video gear this season and hone our skills for producing future videos.

That brings us to our first hunts of the year. My self and co-founder John McClelland hunted the opening weekend without much luck. My dad and fellow prostaff Greg Mather was down for a thanks giving weekend hunt the following week and again no success.

After the thanks giving festivities I set out for a Sunday evening hunt. In Ontario, like many places, our hunting land is divided up into WMUs. This year I drew a doe tag for one zone and a buck/doe tag for the other. As I got settup and conducted my pre hunt interview I planned where my shots might come and how to arrange my camera.

I had predetermined that if the opportunity came and I could get some good footage of a doe I wouldn’t hesitate to take her. I have mentioned before that I am a meat hunter not a trophy hunter and I have no shame in shooting a mature doe especially if I could manage to get it on film.

I had sat that Sunday for about an hour and a half watching several squirrels rummage in the foliage in front of me when I heard the unmistakeable sound of splashing through water. This spot is adjacent to a large swamp and there was a small creek about 60 yards behind the stand. I quickly strained my neck around to see what was causing the ruckus, completely forgetting my primary goal of video footage. A large doe soon appeared cautiously feeding down the trail I had walked in.

I fully expected that she would take the well worn path down behind my stand but for some reason she spooked and continued further down the creek. Disheartened and suspecting that she probably caught the scent where I had walked into the bush I turned my attention back to my video documentary and began describing the events which had just played out.

No sooner had I finished my interview when I heard the snap of a branch behind me to my right. Much to my amazement it was the big doe entering into the bush working her way back towards me. I could hardly believe my luck and scrambled to attach my camera to my gorilla cam arm and started rolling film. As anyone who has tried self filming can attest to, focusing on the deer in the viewing screen while also keeping in mind you shot is difficult. The initially shaky footage is proof of this for anyone who has watched our video.

Anyways as if it was scripted the big doe walked perfectly into my shooting lane and gave me a beautiful broad side shot. I drew my Bear Truth 2 and sent my rage extreme broad-head right into her boiler maker. The arrow hit a slight bit high blowing through the top of the shoulder and clipping under the spine. The Rage did its job and the deer dropped right on the spot.

Early season success
Early season success

I was extremely excited as is shown in the video and couldn’t wait to see the footage. We have been field testing a number of products which we are looking to debut next season for purchase and after putting them to use and getting a few photos field dressing the deer I was on my way home and had my first deer in the freezer well before Halloween.

I am stoked about the footage and am eagerly anticipating the remainder of the season. I encourage everyone to check out our videos and stay tuned for the end of season full length video. Thanks for reading and keep your stories coming in! Tell your story with the hunt blog!


Venison in the freezer
Venison in the freezer

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