Tennessee Youth Hunt Excitement!

I first had a glimpse of this Tennessee giant when Griffin’s mom Tommie posted some pictures on Twitter. As soon as a saw the tine length and mass on this deer I knew I had to hear the story! I shot Tommie a line on Twitter and here we have it, Griffin’s story and some great pictures of his giant. The buck is a main frame 10 pt with good mass and a split brow tine on the left and additional kickers off each beam. He sports some good width and I put him somewhere in the mid 150s, a trophy by anyone’s standards!

Griffin's giant deer
Griffin’s giant deer

Additionally this deer was shot during the Tennessee youth hunt for hunters aged 6-16 years. Each young sportsman must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, 21 years of age or older, who must remain in a position to take immediate control of the hunting device and who must also comply with fluorescent orange regulations, as specified for legal hunters. Youths 10 years of age or older must meet Hunter Education requirements as well. These hunts exist in multiple states and are an excellent way for keeping youth hunters entrenched in our great tradition. It truly is a shame similar opportunities don’t exist for hunters in our home province of Ontario.

Without further adieu here is Griffin’s story in his own words and some awesome pictures!

It was an early morning and we got to the lease by about 5:00am. Once we arrived we got our gear together and headed out to a 2 man stand we had scouted and sett-up prior to the season.

We had been in the stand for about an hour when we heard something behind us. At first we thought it was one of the many squirrels who had been pestering us all morning. As we turned to get a better look we were excited to see that it ended up being a buck rubbing on a tree.

We watched expectantly as he stayed in the woods for about 30 minutes before cautiously entering into the food plot. He came out at about 75 yards and we blew a grunt call to make him stop walking. I raised my Remington 30.06 and readied for the shot. When he stopped I had a good rest, steadied my aim and I took the shot.

He ran off in the woods and we gave him about an hour before deciding to begin our pursuit. We climbed down from the stand and began to look for blood. Much to our surprise we couldn’t find a single drop! Despite being confident of the shot I thought I had missed him.

This deer was a monster and I was devastated thinking I had missed my chance. We sat in the stand for about 3 more hours waiting on another deer but none came out. When we got out of the stand again we walked over to where we last saw him and just started walking around trying to find some blood just in case I had hit him.

We decided to follow a couple of deer runways into the woods just in case he had taken one of these. Much to my amazement we happened to walk right up on him. I was relieved and excited! My first deer was a 13 point buck!

Griffin with his trophy
Griffin with his trophy

Awesome story Griffin! We look forward to hearing about many more deer in the future! An let’s not forget to congratulate Griffins parents for getting their kids involved in our great tradition. You have raised a fine young hunter and young man. Congrats to you all and to everyone else remember; Keep our tradition alive in our youth. Share your stories in text, by video and around the camp fire. Tell your story at thehuntblog.com.

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