Rutting, Stalking, and Cutting Class; Big Buck Down

This story comes from Zak Floro of North East Ohio. This young man is a serious hunter as you can tell by checking out his twitter @zakfloro8. This is an awesome story that I know we can all relate to but lets just say we hope his teachers dont stumble across this blog haha.

But seriously though who hasn’t played hookie from work or school to chase whitetails during the rut? Sometimes that primal urge to be in the woods is one we cannot over come. Even better Zak bagged this trophy whitetail via spot and stalk an impressive feat especially for his first whitetail with a compound bow.

Have a read, enjoy the story and check out the great pictures!

There had been a buzz building up in the hunting community; the rut was heating up! My buddy and I decided to skip school because with stories of deer movement increasing we figured the next day was going to be best day of the rut. It would have been wrong not to be in the woods.

We loaded up well before day break and set out to hunt on one of our properties we knew held some mature deer. We sat until about 845 am and didn’t see any movement and so backed out. We tossed around the idea of calling it a day and just going into school. That thought was short lived when I had an idea. I knew of a public woods close by where I had seen a decent buck in early season and figured we might catching checking some does in daylight hours.

We reached our destination at about 9 and formed a game plan. We knew that the area had several dikes that could provide some decent cover for some spot and stalk action. We split up right away and went separate ways creeping through the dikes quietly looking to see what we might run into.

I had been walking for about 10 minutes on a dike when I saw a nice buck cruising in a field to my right. I dropped to the ground an peeked up to see where he was, he was walking towards dike I was on but about 100 yards up and was unaware of my presence. I checked the wind and began an army crawl as fast as I could down dike holding my PSE up in the air.

I got up about 50 yards an I peeked up to see here he was. He was still coming an didn’t know I was there. The big deer went down into the ditch on side of dike where he couldn’t see me. I rose to my knees and drew back my PSE bow and readied for the shot. He popped out about 40 yards up the dike an was staring at me. He took two steps out an gave me a broadside shot. My heart pounded but I focused my pin on his vitals and squeezed off a 38 yard shot. The buck spun head down and I knew I had stuck him good.

Evidence of a good hit.
Evidence of a good hit.

He took off down the dike and disappeared. I gathered my buddy and we began tracking him. We followed a short ways to where he crossed a deep ditch an went into a marsh. Luckily I was well prepared went back to the truck and got the old trusty waders out. Walking back to where we had last blood I continued my search. I found him just a few steps into the marsh piled up. That was my first ever deer with my compound PSE. A great memory an great adrenaline rush. By far the best an funnest way to take a nice buck!

Laying hands on a giant
Laying hands on a giant
Great finish to an awesome hunt
Great finish to an awesome hunt

Congrats Zak on an awesome buck. Getting your first buck with the compound off the ground is no easy task. A great hunting story I am sure you will tell for many years to come!


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