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This is another great story about a first buck harvest coming from Amanda in central Kentucky.

Amanda’s patience and persistence payed off in the harvest of a great looking whitetail. This beatuiful 8pt is a great deer and one any hunter could be proud of especially for a first buck. This deer was the result of some careful scouting and stand selection and the help of her hunting partner Austin. Amanda has shared some great pics to commemorate the hunt and I’m sure she will be telling this story for many hunting seasons to come. So have a read and enjoy this awesome story.

Amanda's Hunting Grounds
Amanda’s Hunting Grounds

All I could think about was how hard it was going to be to cross those 3 fences dragging a deer. If we saw anything, that was.

It was growing dusk and the only movement I’d seen were cattle, and chipmunks behind me.

Optimism in the name of the game
Optimism in the name of the game

Even after the crappy hunt I’d had that morning, I was optimistic. For some reason I just had one of those feelings. I was prepared to walk out of there with something.

My phone lit up. It was Austin. He was on the same knob, about 75 yards down from me. “Slowwww movements. Make sure your gun is loaded…” I read, just seconds before my phone hit 1% battery and died. I tossed it to the side and checked out my gun. Sure enough, it wasn’t loaded. I loaded it and practiced aiming the crosshairs in the scope on cows in the field far off above us. I lowered my gun and silently prayed to at least SEE something…

I heard gunshot after gunshot going off around me. I took a deep breath, envying whoever was seeing movement while I was sitting there watching the grass grow… when I heard it shuffle into view.

Million Dollar View
Million Dollar View

From my left she came. A decent sized doe. She stopped and put her head down, about 40 yards upwind to my left. I leaned over and steadied myself on a fallen tree. I started tto ready for a shot… woah wait. It was a buck! Before I could even look into the scope, he was 15 yards from me, staring right at me. I closed my eyes and held my breath, waiting for him to move. It was windy and I had a feeling he could smell me. He skipped off, and I opened my eyes. He was still looking back, throwing his head up in every direction, soaking up my scent… until he turned and gave me a broadside shot. It took me what seemed like an eternity to find him in the scope, but I somehow remained calm. I held my breath and pulled the trigger.

The ringing in my ears lasted forever. I took off my cap and gloves, shoved them into my pockets, grabbed my gun and walked out into the opening, looking for a blood trail. I didn’t see anything. In the distance was Austin, walking towards me, expressionless talking on his phone. I still didn’t see any blood. My mind was growing weary as I finally met up with Austin.

“It dropped right in front of me,” I heard him say, to whoever he was talking to on the phone.
Dropped. Right in front of him. As in, dead. I hadn’t missed!

Amanda's Trophy Buck
Amanda’s Trophy Buck

My face lit up. I was so excited I started shaking. We walked over to where he was, made sure he was dead, then started checking him out. Not bad for a first buck! 8 points and pretty hefty. He’d had plenty of access to the surrounding alfalfa, soybeans and leftover cornfields. We drug him over to the creek and Austin gutted him, teaching me as he went along. I’d demolished a lung and part of his heart. Not a bad shot! Next part was getting him out of there, since we crossed 3 fences to get there. But there was a side entrance to the nearest field, so minus the creek we had to cross, it wasn’t too bad getting my truck back there.

He weighed in at 166lbs. It was a great experience. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Congrats Amanda on an awesome deer. We have heard some great stories of first deer so far this season and are looking forward to many more as the rut continues to work its way south. Stay sharp and hunt safe and tell your story at!!!


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