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This is a guest post from one of our friends in the industry. Brooks is the main man for Healthy Hunter TV and runs an awesome blog at So give his story a read and be sure to check out his blog.

The Hunting Lifestyle
The Hunting Lifestyle

Before opening my eyes, I could hear the wind and pouring rain. But with hunting days limited, I was bound and determined to hunt. The weatherman said it would be gone by 6 AM, and his maps are never wrong!

With the cloud cover and rain coming down, it didn’t get good shooting light for about an hour later than normal. I was sitting in my stand as the woods slowly became visible. The rain wasn’t pouring but sure hadn’t stopped. I sat there thankful for a good raincoat while listening to the sounds of the wild as the woods became alive amidst the rain.

While listening to the rain fall, I debated on getting out of the stand and trying a new strategy. After a few wet hours I finally decided to climb down and meet up with my dad for a late morning walkabout. With all the rain, the forest floor was soaked leaving the leaves silent. We seized the opportunity to ease around the woods quietly and explore a few areas together.

If I had stayed in the stand a wall hanger may have walked up, but I would have missed an amazing opportunity. Walking through the woods and sharing that time with my dad was better than any deer. Deer would make for a great dinner. A big mount looks great hanging on the wall. But they couldn’t compare to this. It is not always about the hunt. Those moments and his advice are memories that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.

– Brooks

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  1. I agree. Some of my best days hunting have not been my most successful hunts. It was the people there and the experience.

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