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Preserving the traditions of the past for future generations of hunters. This is the hunt blog’s mission statement and these words signify everything that our blog is about. This post is about a brave young girl who I’m proud yo say represents this future generation.

I still remember when I was her age. The other children were making sand castles while I was tracking a deer who’s tracks lead away from the lake. Some children played with lego while I played “fishing” from my chesterfield. I was lucky enough to have a father and several uncles who acted as my liaisons to the great outdoors.

I first saw Kylee’s photo on her uncle’s twitter feed and was enlightened to see the pure joy on the smiling face of a young hunter. It was the kind of smile you see on children on Christmas morning and is reassuring that there is great hope for hunting’s future.

Kaylee with her trophy
Kaylee with her trophy

Kaylee’s uncle tells me she is a fighter having been diagnosed with diabetes at a young age and has already endured too much tradegy for such a young lady. We can be rest assured though that this Ohio native wont be kept down. At a mere 12 years old Kaylee is a determined hunter. Her Christmas list was not cluttered with barbies but instead with images from the Cabelas catalog; waders, traps, and camo.

Kaylee is fierce on the hard-court and turf playing on school basketball, football and wrestling teams. And is equally as deadly from the tree stand. Her Uncle Danny was kind enough to share the photos with us of her first whitetail buck and a giant at that.

This bruiser was taken by Kaylee this fall with her 45 Cal muzzeloader in south eastern Ohio. She made a great shot a harvested a beautiful mature animal. Kaylee this is certainly a deer to be proud of and a true trophy for any hunter. As you can see below a bump on the forehead was the price she paid but long after the bruising has settled she will long have the photos and forever have the stories and memories.

Ouch! Mark of the huntress
Ouch! Mark of the huntress

I’d like to congratulate Kaylee and thank her uncle for sharing her story. For it is in this way we can ensure we preserve our great tradition for generations to come. Kaylee make sure to tell your story at every opportunity you get. We wish you both all the best and continued good fortune in next years hunt.


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  1. Having known kylee all her life I know what this kill meant to her! Sha has honed her hunting skill over the years with the guidance of her dad, another avid hunter. This child’s perseverance will guarantee she will always accomplish her goals! So proud to call her a friend. Love you lil chic!

    1. Thanks for the comments Misty. Its a great deer and with youth being such an important part of hunting’s future we look forward to more stories from Kaylee in years to come!

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