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This is another helpful post from one of our industry friends at These guys really know their stuff and have a great site with tons of great tree-stands to choose from. With so many types and brands on the market today this article offers some great information on where to start. So give it a read and use the links to go on over and check out their site! We hope everyone is surviving all the snow and cold. Cheers


There are several different types of tree stands and along with the different tree stands come the good, bad and ugly, well, not really ugly. However, before you purchase a tree stand you must know how each tree stand works, the weight limits and if you will be able to manage the tree stand.

Ladder Tree Stands

Ladder tree stands are basically permanent structures. THese stands are fastened to the tree so that you do not have to move it each year as they are rather cumbersome and heavy. For these stands scouting and tree selection are import and trees often have to be trimmed so that the stand can be attached appropriately.

Ladder Tree stands are not made to be moveable nor hand carried and usually need to be transported by truck or ATV to the location of set up. With a weight of up to 45 pounds it will also take a couple of people to help put up the tree stand in order to set it up correctly. Once set up, however, your ladder tree stand could be there for several years for your hunting enjoyment. As an added benefit, some ladder stands also come in two person models allowing you and your favourite little hunting buddy to sit and enjoy the hunt together.

Since these tree stands are out in the elements all year round, always check your ladder tree stand to make sure it is still secure on the tree – remember, trees grow and sway in the wind so there may be adjustments that need to be made for your hunter safety.

Climber Tree Stands

Climber tree stands are great for the hunter who needs mobility. These tree stands are lightweight, easy to carry and comprises of two pieces: chair and platform. The climber tree stand does just what it’s name implies; as you put your weight on the stand and raise and lower your legs on the platform, the climber tree stand will edge up the tree in which you want to set it up in.

Love the mobility of my climber
Love the mobility of my climber

Due to the method which they work climber tree stands are made for trees that do not grow limbs down. Unless you have limbed your tree flush to the trunk you will not be able to get above the lowest branches on a tree. The climber tree stand is perfect in different areas of the country where such limbless trees live are straight and not too thick in the trunk. One should also note that climbing tree stands will only wrap security and safely around a certain thickness of tree trunk.

Hang On Tree Stands

The lightest in weight choice are the hang on tree stands as they 10 to 20 pounds at the maximum. Since the size of the footrest and seat can be changed per the hunter this is what adjusts the weight of the tree stand.

Easy to carry, portable and the least expensive of the tree stands the hang on tree stand can be used with most trees. The disadvantage of the hang on tree stand is that you also have to carry along your steps or climbing sticks in order to not only hang this tree stand but to access it as well. Even though climbing sticks are light weight they can be bulky to carry along with the rest of your hunting gear.

All in all the hang on tree stand is for the hunter on the move as it is versatile and moveable as well as light weight to carry from one tree to the other. One option is to leave your steps in the tree or several trees and come back to it as needed. These do take some time to set up as these hang on tree stands either screw into the tree or attach with straps for safety.

As always, safety comes first when hunting. Choosing the perfect tree and setting up your tree stand are very important. Please double and triple check the safety of your tree stand prior to each time you step in the stand.

A big thanks to Blake and everyone at We appreciate your articles and tree stand advice. Each of these types of tree stands have their advantages and I for one have one of each in my arsenal depending on my hunting location and situations. While hang on stands are great because they fit in every tree and are very versatile, I love my climbing stand when hunting public land or new property. And I have several old faithful ladder stands hung on productive trees all around our private land spots.

Thanks for reading and hope you found this use full!


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