Families hunting together. Tennessee Hunting At Its Best.

The Newland’s are a great family of hunters whom we met through our interactions on social media. During last years Tennessee youth hunt Tyler’s older brother Griffin took a great buck featured on our site here http://thehuntblog.com/2013/11/06/tennessee-youth-hunt-excitement/ But this season in it was Tyler’s turn to put one on the ground with his first ever deer. Below is the exciting story in his own words. Take it away Tyler!

We got to the property at 5:00 AM, gathered our gear and headed to the stand. We got in the stand at about 5:15 strapped in our safety vest and settled in.

Around 5:45 am we could hear and slightly see a good size Buck about 10 yards away but it was to early for a shot. That buck moved on so we continued to watch and wait.

About an hour later 2 Doe wandered up eating at the tree limbs so I watched them through my scope. After watching them for a few minutes they continued on their path into the woods.

About 15 minutes later my deer started walking in so I prepared myself for a shot. Once I had the cross hairs on the deer I took the shot with my Remington .308 Model 770. We waited for the deer to settle before we climbed down.

Tyler with his first deer.
Tyler with his first deer.

Luckily it didn’t go far so it was an easy find, I thought I shot a Doe but once we reached the deer I realized it was a Spike!


The Newland Boys. These guys are going to be dropping lots of antler for years to come!
The Newland Boys. These guys are going to be dropping lots of antler for years to come!


Thanks again to Tyler’s mom Tommie for sharing the pictures and stories of the boy’s hunts. We love seeing our youth get involved in the tradition we are so passionate about. Tommie you and your husband are doing it right! some great kids you have there!

– James


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  1. Hats off to the Newland family! Nothing makes a better story than an entire family hunting together! I can see the love of the hunt in your smiling boys faces! Wishing you all many great hunting seasons to come!


    Greg Mather

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