Fast Action on a First Buck

Your first deer is one you will always remember especially if it is a buck. We love sharing these stories and I am sure this is one that Macy is going to tell many many times. A great first buck and one that almost didn’t happen. Take it away Macy!


First buck story:

It was early when I was rudely awakened by my alarm that morning. It was one of those mornings where I didn’t even want to get out of bed as my warm bed was much more appealing than the relentless winds of the deer woods.

Reluctantly I dragged myself up and I got all dressed anyway! It was snowing, so I dressed pretty warm and threw on a few extra layers.

I grabbed my gun, loaded my pack and headed up to my cabin. My mom and I weathered the cold and made the long trek up the hill towards our cabin which would serve as the blind for our morning sit.

She sat down and set her gun aside as I sprayed a little bit of Buck Bomb. I then sat down and sat up my gun in preparation for a long sit.

Little did we know the action would be fast and furious. We sat about 10 or 15 minutes and the next thing you know, a 7 point buck walks down right beside our cabin. I watched as he walks down a little bit and he ends up in a clearing. He turned broadside and left me a perfect shot!

I was shooting downhill onto a platform which made the shot a little harder! Slowly I pulled up my 25-06. I took my time and studied the spot where I was going to shoot for a while. I calmed my nerves, focused on my breathing and squeezed the trigger just as we had practiced many times before.

My bullet hit its mark and I watched as he ran only about 20 ft. Then he dropped. We got pictures with the buck. Then my dad gutted him out as I watched and learned. Then we dragged him down the hill to the truck. My mom and me went to our local store and tagged him. We got there, filled out the tag. A few people came and looked at him. Then we headed back home and skinned him. It was an exciting day for sure!


The happy hunter with her first deer.
The happy hunter with her first deer.


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  1. That’s a great story Macy! Congrats on a nice clean kill. Here’s wishing you many more in the years to come!


    From theHuntBlog Caledon Team

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