The Dirt Nap – A Last Minute Alabama Buck

As December approaches and many of us are entering into the last weeks of hunting season we hope that this year has been one full of memories and stories you will pass along for years to come. In an attempt to reach out to even more hunters in North America and around the world the guys here at the hunt blog have recently started up our instagram account to share the stories we publish each week with even more readers.

This story comes from one of our new friends Jake and is about a great Alabama whitetail taken right at the last possible moment. We have all been there trying to fill our tag in the last minutes of the season and Jake does a great job on this beautiful Bama 8pt point. But enough from me let’s get to the story. Enjoy!


It was the last weekend of Alabama’s hunting season and I prepared myself to go out with a bang. The season had been lac-luster thus far but I had a feeling that the final weekend of the season would turn things around.

Anticipation was high but as these things sometimes go, it began with Saturday morning being a bust. Despite high hopes we saw absolutely nothing. The same went for Saturday evening which came and went rather uneventfully.

My chances were running out. High hopes and excitement quickly dissolved and as I approached the last day of the season I really didn’t have any faith on killing anything. As the morning approached however I refocused and began readying myself for the hunt. I visualized my setup and formed a plan and when it was finally time to go out I was ready for the day ahead.

The conditions were cold. Cold and windy infact. And as any deer hunter knows these conditions meant the chances of me killing something were sliming. Despite the weather we gathered ourselves and setup for a long morning sit.

It began uneventfully much as it had the day previous when suddenly at about 10:30 a.m I spotted a white flicker. I studied the area of interest in my hunting spot¬†and I quickly picked up a group of eleven doe’s. They were running hard through the cut where I was watching then everything got silent. A burst of action and then the woods lay still.

Then at around 11:00 a.m there were two more doe that shot out off the woods about 300 yards from my location. I watched intently and they were coming right to me.

Watching them move cautiously through they cut,¬†I knew what they were running from. I watched carefully to see what might be following and that’s when I saw him. The buck I have been waiting for all year.

As I tried to calm my nerves I knew that how the next 5 minutes played out were going to tell the story of my entire season. The buck was trailing the doe’s and I sat as still and quiet as I could be. It seemed like ages but as he approached to about 200 yds he finally stopped broadside. I switched the safety and fired. I watched my 7mm bullet fly a little high. I refocused and fired again and my bullet hit its mark as the buck took a life long nap.

Jake with his Whitetail
Jake with his Whitetail


Close-up of this beauty 8pt
Close-up of this beauty 8pt

Special thanks to Jake for sharing this great story with us. We look forward to reading many of Jake’s stories for years to come. Best of luck to everyone with the remainder of the season!


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