One of the exciting things about deer hunting is that you never know what or when something is going to step out of the bush. This fact is probably one of the things that keeps the gents around the hunt blog so addicted and keeps us heading back out day after day. When you read this story by Jake from the whitetail mecca Ohio you will no doubt get what I am talking about.


It was November 23, which was the last day of youth gun season here in Ohio. We had been out all weekend searching for a mature buck to harvest. Despite a lot of hard work and some long hours on stand, we weren’t seeing anything shootable. Mildly discouraged we went home for lunch around 11:00am to form a game plan for the afternoon.

My dad and I decided that we would go to my grandpa’s farm house and see if he couldn’t run something out to me on a little drive. With full belly’s we packed up our gear and headed to the farm. We had hunted here for many years and having intimate knowledge of the property and deer movement certainly played to our advantage.

I walked back and stood perpendicular to an old railroad with a dry creek bed in front of me. This was a spot I had known the deer to use as an exit trail from years past.

My dad hadn’t even begun to walk into the far end of the bush yet when I glanced up and saw that a yote was walking right toward me. Fawn killers are fair game around these parts and I couldn’t think of anything else to do besides shoot it. I knelt down with my New England in line muzzle loader and shot her 8 yds away and she piled up right on the spot. Pretty cool.

The Canines on Jake's Yote
The Canines on Jake’s Yote

I called my dad and told him what had happened. He was excited that I had bagged the yote but added that after the blast from the gun I probably wouldn’t see any deer now. In any event I reloaded the single shot muzzle loader and got ready. He continued to walk into the bush and no more than a minute later I saw something jump the fence into the field 50 yards in front of me.

I looked through my scope trying to see through the shrubs and littleĀ trees which obstructed my view. I strained but I couldn’t see it. All a sudden, he jumped the fence. I immediately recognized the impressive mass on this big buck. He was an old giant that we had been after for 3 years now.

He ran to my left and from less than 10 yds away he started down into the creek. I followed him and shot, dropping him dead in his tracks. I immediately called my dad again and he said “If you shot another coyote I’m gonna be mad!” I excitedly told him it was him! I got him! The big one! He said “No way!”.

Jake with his double in the creek bed.
Jake with his double in the creek bed.


Check out the max on this buck.
Check out the mass on this buck.


Dad came over crossed the fence and he saw him. We were so happy that we finally harvested this impressive deer! It was by far the best experience I have ever had in my life!


Special thanks to Jake for sharing this great story of a father and son hunt. It definitely brings back some memories of some father son hunts with my Dad and it is these memories which will keep our tradition alive for many generations to come. Stay hungry my friends. It is only December 1st and there are many more big bucks still to fall!


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  1. Hi Jake! This is James Dad Greg! Just read your story! How exciting is that! I still remember every hunt James and I have been on together whether it’s whitetails or cottontails! Keep sending us you and your Dad’s stories!



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