Thanks to everyone who has been submitting their stories for the enjoyment of our readers. This story comes from Austin McCoy who took this nice young buck during a shotgun hunt with his brother. It was his first ever buck and I think his last sentence really hits the nail on the head about what hunting means to us here at the hunt blog. Sure lots of big antlers on you wall look cool but it is the excitement of the hunt and the proud feeling that comes with telling our story which keeps us coming back.


On Monday December 1, 2014 I woke up around 4:30. Waking up good and early was all part of doing my due diligence as I got my backpack and my gun ready for the mornings hunt.

With the preparation complete I loaded up and headed out the door. It was 6:00 am and a cool crisp December morning. The moon had been hidden by clouds overnight and my brother assured me this would have the deer on their feet and moving.

I knew the trail on this property well which provided me the advantage of moving quietly as I made my way for my spot. It was 6:30 when I reached my destination and got setup. As I waited for the sun to rise with anticipation I took the time to spray some buck lure with hopes a curious downwind deer might come in for a closer inspection.

As the sun finally rose up and crested the tree tops of the bush I felt confident in our preparation and was ready to get a big one.

The day began quietly, as many days had before it. I didn’t see anything all morning and the woods lay still until around 10:15. Suddenly I could hear crunching coming from behind me. I listened carefully and could barely believe it but I was hearing a buck grunting.

The next 15 minutes seemed like an eternity as I patiently awaited the deer to show himself. Then, there he was. I saw this seven point come out of the brush right into the open.

I pulled up my double-barrel shotgun, steadied my aim and pulled the front trigger. My bullet flew true through the cold morning air and struck right through the left shoulder. I watched intently as the deer dropped right where it was standing.

Austin's double barrel 7pt
Austin’s double barrel 7pt

I excitedly called my brother and told him I had got a buck. He came right over and was overjoyed to help me gut and drag the deer out. That day at 12:00 I was unloading my trophy buck. It might not seem big to some people but it’s big to me.


It is big to us too Austin! Congratulations again.

– James

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