Being from Ontario ourselves the hunt blog prostaff and myself are understandably partial to stories about home grown bucks. As evidenced from some of the monsters our prostaff have shot over the years (like this 198 inch monster ) I think Ontario has the conditions and gene pool to produce some of the best bucks in North America. The bodies of our big bucks are dwarfed only by the mass of our racks but there is no doubt it takes our deer a few extra years to really start packing on the inches. This big bodied 7 point is a great example of what we have to offer. What this bruiser lacks in inches he more than makes up for in the enthusiasm of the story teller. Thanks for sharing your hunt with us Sara!


It was a cold Monday morning and the opening day of my first ever shotgun deer hunt. It seemed like I had been waiting forever for this day to come and with it finally here I could hardly wait. This was also a unique hunt for me as I usually I sit with the others that I hunt with but that day I sat alone. There is no doubt that there is something a little different about your first sit alone. No one to coach you through the shot. No one to help calm your nerves. Just you and nature.

For this hunt I choose to sit in a spot where I had clear view of one of the fields on the property. I like this particular spot as it was also bordered by a small creek which served as an excellent deer funnel. With a clear view of both the field and creek I settled in for the hunt.

There is always a lot of excitement which leads up to a hunt but as the things sometimes go the excitement was quickly diminishing. I was completely numb as this certainly had to be the coldest day of the week. The sun began to sink over the trees and with shooting light fading I was loosing hope!

I was working as hard to stay warm as I was to scan the field. It was around 430 when I heard some rustling, the tell tail sound of approaching hooves. I froze. Somewhat to my disbelief, out walked three does, a big mature momma and her two smaller daughters.

I sat quietly pondering to myselfDo I want to be done the first day with a doe?” I didn’t have to question this for too long as I really had my heart set on a buck. So I let the deer feed out into the field unaware of my presence and waited another ten minutes. As I sat waiting the doe kept stomping her foot and snorting. I thought for sure she smelt me but turns out she sensed a buck walking out.

As the big bodied deer stepped into the field I was shocked by his size. This buck looked huge to me! He was 45 yards from me and I was shaking with adrenaline, I lifted my 20 gauge mossberg three times before I steady my nerves and take aim.

Squeeze the trigger, Bam, I shoot. I hit it, he drops. He tries briefly for a few moments to get back to his feet but it was all over in a matter of seconds as he expired on the spot. By this time it is around 5 and getting dark. I couldn’t help it I was so excited I had to walk up to it and check it out.

Big Bodied Ontario 7 Point
Big Bodied Ontario 7 Point


Wow!” I thought, “a seven pointer!”. I was so proud and excited I kept saying “This is the best day of my life!”

As I was waiting for my dad to come out of the bush 4 does come 10 yards from me and simply stood there watching me. It’s like I was a deer goddess! LOL. I hit the buck in the spine and he dropped right in his tracks. It was a perfect hit and he died near instantly. But boy he was heavy to get in the truck!

Big Buck Down!
Big Buck Down!

Thanks again for sharing Sara. Can not wait to hear more of your stories in the years to come. Something tells us you have many more bucks in your future!

– James

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