This is a great story sent to us from John one of our instagram followers. This tale really goes to show you how having the right gear and being in the right place at the right time can really pay off when it comes to harvesting a trophy buck. Congrats John on a true monster whitetail. – James


The story of this great buck started early on in the season.

While hunting one of my core hunting areas I had a great encounter with a monster 9 pointer. Unfortunately, as big bucks often do, he meandered down wind and ran off before I could get a shot.

Night time picture of this 9pt ghost
Night time picture of this 9pt ghost


After this early excitement I hunted every chance I got but couldn’t manage to catch up with any of my shooter bucks. Knowing that harvesting big deer takes patience and persistence I stayed hard at. I run and check multiple trail cameras and make sure to practice good scent control traveling to and from my stands.

Fast forward now to the middle of November. With the days shortening and weather getting colder the now barren woods started to take the shape of the whitetail rut and my trail camera action was starting to pick up accordingly.

It was the morning of November 19th. I got up and like usual started through my busy morning routine. Got my things ready for work and took the kids to the bus stop. On this morning however I couldn’t have been ready for what was about to unravel.

As I walked down the drive on this brisk November morning a flicker of white caught my eye as I scanned out into the field. I could hardly believe what I saw but it was him. Chasing does across the field.

So quick as I could I went home and grab my Thompson Center Omega 50 caliber, dead downwind spray and my new extinguisher deer call and headed to my hunting spot.

I moved as quickly and stealthy as I could knowing I would have to be fast to seize this opportunity. After setting up and scanning the area I hit the extinguisher deer call four or five times in the Doe position. This is one of my favourite calls and one that had really been successful for me over the years.

About five minutes later a couple does made their into the field. I could tell by their behaviour though that something had their attention and it wasn’t me. I was watching them cautiously move through the open terrain when I slid the Extinguisher call to the buck position. I hit it twice and almost immediately heard a deer come in running across the hill.

Right away I knew it was him as all I could see was his antlers. He stopped about 75 yards away but my shot was obscured by some underbrush and I couldn’t see enough of his vitals. I finally hit the call one more time and he came running in.

He cleared the fence beside my location with a single bound and pulled up in a stop at 60 yards away. With all the action both the buck and does, still out in front of me, were at heightened attention. Just as I got ready to make the shot he jumped forward after a doe. We have all been there before and my heart sank as I watched my bullet I hit him about 6 inches back. He ran back across the hill from where he came and disappeared from sight.

After 15 to 20 minutes I went looking for the monster buck. I followed the path where he had run but could not locate blood anywhere. After an hour of searching I left for work with plans to return that afternoon and continue my search.

I continued my search when I got home but it was to no avail. I wondered if this buck was gone? It is never a good feeling losing a deer but never the less we were going to be back in the woods the next morning.

My buddy Brandon who had been hunting with me all season had arrived for a hunt and after sharing the tale of yesterdays events I told him if he saw the buck I shot at yesterday to put him on the ground.

Brandon got set up in his stand just before day break. By about 6:45 AM he had deer all around him. One of which was another one of the properties shooter bucks. As he scanned the woods behind him looking for the deer his gaze suddenly stopped on antlers piled up in some brush a mere 35 yards away.

He was so excited that without really thinking he jumped to his feet and ran over to the buck. Running off all of the remaining deer in the process.

He called over and told me to hurry and get the four wheeler and come up there where he was hunting. The entire drive over I thought he must have shot the monster buck from yesterday. As soon as I pulled up he said he found the deer I shot yesterday morning. I could barely believe it.

John with hist trophy buck
John with hist trophy buck

He is by far the biggest buck I’ve ever killed. Thanks to my Bushnell game camera we saw several big bucks coming through this season and it really helped me with patterning these big deer.

After this Kill I am a firm believer in my extinguisher deer call,d ead down wind spray and the Bushnell game cameras.

Another view showing off the great tine length.
Another view showing off the great tine length.

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