This is a story of a true Texas Giant. This 9 point has great brows and G2s that would make any hunter jealous. Asthon, the lucky hunter in this tale makes a point to thank her friend Clinto for letting her harvest this great deer on his “Turkey Mountain Ranch”. Ashton knew this was the buck for her from the moment she saw him and wasn’t about to let him get away. But let’s hear the story in her words. Cheers – James


It was November 11th 2014 and a perfect day to be in the deer stand in southern Texas. My good friend Clinto Brown has a hunting property he affectionately calls Turkey Mountain Ranch and I knew on this beautiful fall day this was the spot I had to be hunting. I reached out to Clinto that day to ask if I could hunt his property and he graciously said yes.

The plan was to sit in one of Clinto’s blinds posted just west of his house and watch an area he knew to be heavily used by the deer on the ranch. We spread corn on the road next to the blind and settled in for our sit. It was about 4:30 when the action started to pick up. First on the scene there came a wide 6 point followed shortly by a spike and a 4 point. Soon after that a basket 4 point appeared with a young doe.

We were quite enjoying watching these deer interact but none of the bucks were quite what I was looking for. Eager to have some venison for the table I was thinking that I was going to shoot the doe. Just as I was getting ready for the shot all of the deer suddenly stopped and looked into the brush on the right. This change in behaviour caught my attention. I waited anxiously. Focused on the brush hoping to catch a glimpse of what was coming out to see them.

Just then a beautiful 9 point stepped out into the clearing. This boss buck had his big body puffed up and ears down like he owned the place!! I turned to Clinto Brown and exclaimedThat’s my deer. I’m going to take him!”

Unlike myself Clinto Brown wasn’t initially convinced. “He doesn’t look that big.” remarked Clinto. My rebuttal was quick and succinct He is. Just trust me!” We debated briefly back and forth while I was waiting on the buck to turn broadside so I could shoot.

Then I looked up and he was broadside and I told Clinto Brown “I’m going to take him!” I put my crosshairs on him right at the lungs, squeezed the trigger and let off a shot.

The buck didn’t initially jump like he had been shot and just took off running. I told Clinto Brown “I know I hit him.” Then as i watched him run through the brush I could tell that he was running like he was wounded. Despite my confidence in my ability and how the shot felt there are always some anxious moments while you wait for the animal to expire.

As we were getting out of the blind the other deer had scattered except the doe. We started making our way towards the area the buck had been standing when I shot. The doe just stood there watching us walk towards her and allowed us to make our way fairly close until she ran.

When we arrived at the area where I shot him I was relieved to see that there was blood right away! We began tracking the blood trail and not far along I noticed the blood was getting heavier and I knew he was fixing to go down. Then at 5:30 as we made our way around some brush we found him laying there! He had made it a mere 50 yards from where I has shot him on the road.

Great G2/G3s on this Texas Buck
Great G2/G3s on this Texas Buck


As we walked up and got our hands on his rack Clinto Brown was the first to admit that there was definitely no ground shrinkage on this deer and remarked Dang, he’s bigger than I thought!” I was quick to reply with an “I told you to trust me haha!”

Ashton with her trophy
Ashton with her trophy

We spent some time admiring this beautiful animal, took some pictures and then put the deer in the back of the mule and headed to Clinto’s house to clean him. It was the best hunting experience I think I’ve ever had. I jus loved tracking the blood trail!

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