Hunting and fishing have always been a way of life in our family. A lot has change over the years from those early days clinging to a home made wooden platform in a tree. There has been a steady evolution in hunting gear with ongoing advances in technology.

As much as hunting has been a long tradition in north America so has the entrepreneurial spirit. As hunters spending many hours in the field we have often found ourselves longing for a tool not yet invented to perform some necessary task or find ourselves asking how can we do this better, faster, more efficiently.

Over the years we have “MacGyver’d” our fair share of tools of the trade that we find useful in the field. More recently we have started the long process of bringing some of our inventions to other hunters. Unfortunately, the hunting industry being as large as it is with many powerful companies dominating much of the market this can be a daunting task.

Thankfully with the impressive growth of social media in the hunting community there are options for growing your small company. Through our connections with the hunt blog we have managed to meet and find some terrific small hunting business that offer useful products and great personal customer service. Something sought after in the hunting world.

Still, starting up a company takes time and money. In this article I am going to talk to you about a growing trend that is going to help you bring your business to reality or even grow your already established company.

Kickstarter is a website growing in popularity and allows people to pitch their product to customers and allow them to support the company by pre-ordering products such that manufacturing can be undertaken without the substantial amounts of capital usually required.

For already existing companies the site can be used to get customers to support expansion of your company and develop new products.

Kickstarter Campaign
Kickstarter Campaign

For example, we have been helping develop a product with a new outdoors company. The product called Game Pegs has been brought through the development stages over the last number of years and they now have a product and manufacturer lined up to bring the finished product to market. Unfortunately it would cost a substantial amount of capital to make the initial product order in large enough quantity to keep the price affordable for the average hunter.

Instead, via Kickstarter, the company is allowing customers to preorder the product at a reduced price to allow them to make the manufacturing purchase. It is a great option for small start-up companies without substantial capital or investors.

You can get more information about how kickstarter works at and also check out the game pegs kickstarter campaign. If we have tweaked your interest stay tuned for more articles as we plan on doing a series on how to run a successful kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for reading. We hope you are enjoying or getting excited for Turkey season and make sure to buy your Game Pegs this april.



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