In 4 years since I bought my first turkey tag there have been plenty of encounters but my first long beard has proven to be more of an adversary than I could have previously imagined. I can confidently say that I fancy myself a good whitetail hunter and am reasonably proficient at pursuing this quarry. But perhaps; perhaps it might be just this confidence that has me scratching my head at the end of another turkey season wondering where I went wrong.

Quite different from whitetail deer season which is more of a methodical endurance race, where the early weeks of the hunt are spent feeling out your prey, turkey hunting is more a kin to a sprint to the finish. A shorter season, with more aggressive hunting tactics, and often the first days of the season being the most fortuitous. Perhaps it has been my continued goal to harvest a bird on film. Or may be just the hunting gods telling me that I need to put in my dues before I can be rewarded.

The close call
The close call

No matter what the reason, as I have learned time and time again when pursing a wild animal, you will repeatedly be humbled. But this is what keeps us coming back. The opportunity to match wits with an ever weary adversary. We hunt our Turkey on heavily trafficked public land and these birds will test the resolve of even the most seasoned hunter. In any event I felt the story of this years turkey hunt could perhaps be better told through the lens of my camera rather than the pixels on this screen. Watch the video by clicking below:

2015 Turkey Short

My season wrapped up in 3 minutes of video and our first take at publication of a video blog through our youtube channel. I hope you enjoy and watch for our offseason publication “In The Footsteps of Giants”. This will be our teaser for our 2015 dear hunt webisodes. Thanks to all those who have tuned into our 2014 whitetail hunts and I guarantee bigger and better footage and videography for this years hunts.

Counting down to deer season.


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