With one nice Tom down the Huntblog Caledon crew set out on their second hunt of the season. This time out it was just Pierre and I and we decided to set up in the same area as opening day. The weather this day was the complete opposite of opening day which was nothing short of miserable. Today however we were greeted with bluebird skies, warm temperature and no wind.

Similar to opening morning we both had Toms gobbling around us at first light but we just couldn’t persuade them to come to our calls and decoy setups. We did however spot 8 different Toms that morning so we were optimistic for a successful afternoon hunt.

We broke for lunch and after discussing setup alternatives we decided to stay with the ones we had used for the morning hunt. Around 3:00 pm we spotted a couple of Toms moving in and out of a fence row about 300 yards south of our location. It wasn’t until an hour later that one of the Toms started working its way across the cut corn field towards Pierre.

He held up a couple of times but responded each time to Pierre’s low pitched hen calls with a few return gobbles. He continued a very slow but deliberate approach across the field when at 150 yards out he appeared to lay eyes on Pierre’s two Hen decoys. Pierre lost sight of him for about ten minutes but I assured him that the Tom had fixed his attention on his decoys. It was at this point that Pierre and I watched as the Tom started to approach in full strut dragging his wing tips in the dirt as he covered the field.

At 100 yards he seemed to suddenly lose his attention towards the decoys and looked like he may head into the bush so Pierre made a few soft Hen calls. Immediately he was back on track and rapidly closing the distance. Pierre watched and sat motionless from his manmade natural ground blind as the bird began to intensify his mating dance.

When the bird reached twenty yards, Pierre raised his 12 gauge and took aim. A single shot rang out and I watched as the bird flopped on the ground in front of Pierre. Pierre pumped his fist into the air and together we whooped it up.

Piere with his Tom
Pierre with his Tom

When I got over to Pierre he held up the Tom which looked like the twin to the bird our hunting partner Herb had taken on opening day. Again we replayed the hunt from start to finish and both commented on how spectacular the mating show was that we had witnessed.

We took a bunch of pictures and some video and headed back home to show off the spoils of our hunt to Herb.

Two hunts and two birds….the 2015 season was off to a great start!


Story by HuntBlog Prostaffer

Greg Mather

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