I have mentioned before that hunting seemingly more than any other past time seems to draw like minded people together. Perhaps it is because we share a deeper understanding of something raw and primitive to our human nature. Perhaps it is because we share a certain respect for the creatures we chase and a similar sense of accomplishment in the harvest. Or maybe, not unlike our website, we enjoy reliving each others stories.

It is not surprising because of these things two hunters stumbling across one and other by happenstance can sit and talk for hours like old friends. This story is paraphrased from a new and likely now to be long time friend Bob Watson who harvested a beautiful opening day buck. A great example of how hard work in the offseason can really pay off.

For Bob preparation for this buck started early in the season. “I start scouting in winter with snow on the ground.” Being that this was his first year hunting this particular property he knew he had a lot of work ahead of him to ready himself for the upcoming season so he scouted a lot.

Bob was meticulous in his planning; ” (He) scouted several times in the summer, especially after wet weather to look for tracks. Walked the woods looking for funnels and pinch points.” Scouting after a rain, as he pointed out, is great not only for seeing fresh sign but also helpful in keeping your scent exposure to a minimum.

After a few trips back and forth from the farm he was finally able to to identify his ambush point “There was only one tangled hole in a fairly tall fence, and it was a natural trail for deer.” This would be the spot that he would key in on especially in the early season while the bucks were still largely holding true to their summer patterns.

Bob took some time to scout with the property owner, and also gained knowledge from an elder neighbour who hunted the property in years past. The hard work and preparation paid off as they often do and this beautiful ten point was taken opening morning this season, at 7:45am.

Great Opening Day Whitetail Buck
Great Opening Day Whitetail Buck

I will let Bob take it from here “I was in my sit-and-climb as darkness broke and the forest awakened…I had the perfect tree (scouting for the ultimate tree in the off season is much of the fun). It wasn’t shooting light long when I looked up and along he came, right into my shooting lane, 18 yards, broadside, fore leg forward. I grunted to stop him, prefect shot at close range, and he trotted and walked 40 yards before I heard and saw him fall. It was perfect.”

Perfect indeed Bob! I look forward to sharing many more stories like these with you and thanks so much for sharing. The Hunt Blog crew has two deer of our own in the freezer but our Giant has continued to allude our arrows thus far. We can only hope as the rut heats up his luck will run out. Until next time…

– James

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