Emily’s first deer on this particular hunting spot was this awesome 9 point taken with her bow. His rack was a little broken up, a  sure sign of a feisty buck. He was a lot of work to haul out of some thick cover after the shot but sometimes that is what makes the whole experience worth it. Congrats on your buck Emily and I am sure our readers will enjoy your story – James

I headed out to the stand at about 4:00 Thursday November 6th. It was just before the cold front came through so me and my dad agreed there should be some good movement that night. Well we were right!

I could here deer movement throughout the woods all night. I saw a little basket 6-point about 5:00 but only through an opening in some branches to the right of me and he never came to the bait pile.

About a half an hour later, the 9-point came in from behind me to the left and he was headed for the bait pile. As he was walking to the pile I could see some of his tines were busted off, but I didn’t really care because we needed meat not bone.

When he got to the pile he was quartered away from me. The angle wasn’t perfect and I waited patiently to see if he would turn.  Eventually he did but remained slightly quatered. I waited some more but the next thing I knew he started slowly walking to leave.

It was now or never. I set myself up for a quartering shot aiming for the opposite shoulder. I exhaled and squeezed steadily on the trigger. The arrow released as I took the shot and sailed towards the deer. A quick glance down at my watch showed the time to be 5:35.

Looking back it was more of a panic shot than anything. You always play out the perfect shot scenario in your mind but often times things don’t work out that way. Somewhere in the moment, the adrenaline and excitement, things often become surreal. It is then that you rely on your instincts as a hunter and all the practice to make the shot count.

When my dad picked me up I told him “I hope you are in the mood to do some tracking tonight.” We went home and ate and then headed out tracking at 7:00. As it turned out the shot had actually been quite good. We found him within 45 minutes and the arrow had went through the stomach and hit a lung.


Emily with her trophy.
Emily with her trophy.

It took 2 hours to drag him out because he got in some pretty thick stuff but we got him. He was my first big buck and my first deer from that particular hunting spot. I continue to thank God today for him and I’m truly blessed.

Broken Tine 9 Point
Broken Tine 9 Point

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