Families hunting together. Tennessee Hunting At Its Best.

The Newland’s are a great family of hunters whom we met through our interactions on social media. During last years Tennessee youth hunt Tyler’s older brother Griffin took a great buck featured on our site here http://thehuntblog.com/2013/11/06/tennessee-youth-hunt-excitement/ But this season in it was Tyler’s turn to put one on the ground with his first ever deer. Below is the exciting […]

Purpose and Place

By Robert Russo My boot was untied so I knelt down to ground level to lace it back up. Everything changes at ground level – the sounds, the sights, the smells. It was still dark, so I could only really perceive the outlines of pine trees and my trail, with scuffs from the morning before. […]

First Deer Magic

Preserving the traditions of the past for future generations of hunters. This is the hunt blog’s mission statement and these words signify everything that our blog is about. This post is about a brave young girl who I’m proud yo say represents this future generation. I still remember when I was her age. The other […]