The Teal Squeel

by W. S. Allen “Steve, to your right,” I whispered to my younger brother. Steve immediately brings his gun up and to the right. His eyes and the speeding Teal’s found and locked on to each other at the same time. The Blue Winged Teal hits the afterburner and Steve squeezed the trigger. An ear […]

First Morning

by David Kok Most of us have that first venture into water fowling deeply etched in our minds;or perhaps this will be your first time in the autumn darkness waiting for the first light of the day. For myself;it was many years ago with a second hand shotgun purchased at a gun shop a couple […]

Three Kings

“You do know that’s a Drake Can, right?” Growing up, one of my favorite classes in high school was “History” taught by Mr. Bedford. In Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh, history was all around me with Civil War fields, The Erie Canal, George Washington camp sites and French Creek. I was always fascinated with how […]

The Point

The shoreline provided what the old timers called “the magic draw” for the autumn waterfowl migrating through the flyway; as it ran a mile each way in opposite directions from sharp right angles along the watercourse. Acres and acres of cattails that graced the body of the shore ran deep inland and provided no access […]


by William Stan Allen I love circles. We’ve all driven in circles at one time or another, some more times than others. Even if you don’t believe in them I’m sure you’ve all heard of crop circles. As a sophomore in high school after many hours trying to figure out what PI meant I learned […]